News: Bloomberg Expands to Accommodate Demands for News in Spanish

September 7, 2016 Daniela Bustamante

Since its inception in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg L.P. has established an authoritative footprint in the world of data, financial software and media.

According to, in 2013, Bloomberg had over 150,000 employees worldwide and produced more than 5,000 stories a day from 146 bureaus in 72 countries. Bloomberg provides real-time financial information to more than 325,000 subscribers globally.

On June 13th, Bloomberg's Content Service, which provides news, photos, videos, and data to publishers and broadcasters across the globe, announced it is expanding its Spanish-language text news licensing offering.

By doing so, the company says it will more than triple its professionally-translated news stories.


The service will provide Spanish versions of Bloomberg News' global coverage including output from bureaus in Santiago, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Lima, Caracas and Madrid.

The service will feature:

  • 80+ Spanish-language stories per day
  • Exclusive local stories from Latin America and Spain
  • Global business, finance, economic and political news impacting Spanish-speaking markets
  • Feature stories on lifestyle, luxury, technology and automotive industries
  • Exclusive interviews with presidents, ministries and top executives
  • Forecasts and analysis of key commodities, currencies, markets and stocks
  • Economic forecasts on Latin America, the United States and Europe
  • Bloomberg View opinion columns from market influencers

Image credit: Flickr, Centre for American Progress.

Josh Rucci, General Manager and Global Head of Bloomberg's Content Service, said in a press release that the demand for news in Spanish is growing and Bloomberg aims to be the leading provider of quality Spanish-language business news.

"We have experienced translators working side-by-side with reporters in our extensive network of bureaus throughout Latin America and Spain, allowing coverage from several key markets across seven time zones," he said, adding that the expansion is an important part of their strategy to extend their reach to a growing Spanish-speaking business community around the world.

To read more, please see: Bloomberg Content Service Expands Spanish-Language News Licensing.

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